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110 film

Advantages of Using 110 Type Films

Today many photographs are fond of analog photos, acquire special camera that require photographic film. The company sells a wide variety of film options; besides here you can buy reels, equipment for your own darkroom and use it immediately.
Special Features of 110 Type Format
A separate category 110 film is occupied by a unique color negative films - this is a modern photo film that makes it possible to look at the world through infrared tape. This is an opportunity to take photos in which the grass and foliage were painted purple, red – turned green. Such a product makes it possible to process unique photography, thanks to its chemical composition, special cartridge. It causes serious color shifts in the images, but you can see it after developing.
Such a film 110 mm is not suitable for every situation, it is unique, and so the most unusual photos are a great opportunity to make an exceptional, extraordinary black and white image. It assumes the standard 36 shots, but with deeper shades. This is a special negative film on which people look as if they were filmed on an infrared film, while the manifestation also occurs according to the standard processing. Interestingly, the shades can be different, for example, green turns purple, yellow pink, blue green. These are beautiful shades, unusual sensations from shoot processing. If you want to create extraordinary unique photos, then old film is a real find for you.
Variety of Films in the Section
The company offers different film options:
  • Purple.
  • Metropolis.
  • Tiger.
  • Peacock.
In any case, the images are unusual and non-standard; they can be by pocket roll 110 film. You can also find a tape that was released for the first time in 5 years, this is a brand new Metropolis Peacock film, it has original shades, and everything is created in order to get extraordinary photos in the urban jungle in all its glory.
This allows you to find color shades among black skyscrapers and among ghost towns. This is an opportunity to create something unusual; unique that will leave an unforgettable impression on most people. Such product makes it possible to really look at familiar things in a new way. In addition, the photos get excellent texture, clear, with fine grain.