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120 film

Features of the Appearance and Application of 120 mm Film

The company sells a variety of equipment for photo labs, cameras, including film of different formats for analog cameras. Film for analog photos is a separate category. 120 mm film — a special type of non-perforated photographic type that is suitable for medium shoot cameras.
The History of the Appearance of the Format
This film is officially released and is often used for old style camera (for example, black and white only). The legislator of this standard was the Kodak Company back in 1908. Manufacturers at that time used a special numbering of tape types, and it was ordinal. The type 120 mm was introduced by the Kodak Company back in 1901, it was suitable for use in amateur medium photography. And only in the late 60s it was replaced by another film. When digital photographic technology began to develop actively, only 2 types of film remained in the medium format — 120 and 220.
To date, this type of negative film is widely used in professional photography, but very rarely in amateur. It can be found on sale on our website. This film is non-perforated and is offered in coils without a color cassette, and has special rollei. Initially, the coils were created from wood, then from metal and plastic. It is distinguished by special protection against glare, with the help of black transparent paper along the entire length.
Film Features
It can be purchased in the section; it is presented by various manufacturers, including the Kodak Company, which is the creator of this format. Films are also presented:
  • Fujicolor;
  • Lomography;
  • Fomapan;
  • Washi;
  • Ilford.
The marking of the film, the frame numbers were printed on the racorte. There is a removable roll inside the camera, you can’t see it. The racorte is made with a large margin in length; therefore, the illumination is not expected. The width of such a film is 61.5 mm, and the length is 850 mm. The size of the frame depends, in fact, on the camera itself, during the development, standard infrared lighting is necessarily used. The number of frames per each product also depends on the format you use, including ISO. If this is a 6x12 format, then it is used only by special roll panoramic cameras. There is a special standard regarding this tape. It should correspond to the intended dimensions.