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35 film

Photographic film 35 mm
The most popular option, which is easiest to find in the assortment of shops, is 35 mm wide film. It is convenient to use it in amateur photography, because it is practical and does not require special skills in handling it. In addition, 35 mm film is suitable for most of those cameras that are commonly called “soap dishes”.

Why is 35mm film still popular?
The main advantage of this format is that it does not limit the owner of the camera. Today, you can easily find a film that will match your ideas and help bring them to life. You can find and buy not only color, but also 35 mm monochrome film, which will allow you to create the desired image, mood and style of the picture. This is especially true for those who may not have the means to purchase professional equipment, but want to experiment in this area as a photo artist or test their skills.
To enjoy shooting, it is not enough just to choose the right film format. Some skill and tricks are needed to set up the camera to work effectively.

35mm Film Tips
In order for the pictures to turn out to be of high quality, after the film has been chosen, bought and refilled, it is necessary to build the correct camera parameters. It is important to remember that camera settings apply to more advanced models, not budget cameras.
The first step is to choose the correct photographic latitude. This will avoid overexposure and blurring of the photo.
Adjust the sensitivity. Knowing how to handle the ISO setting is a guarantee that the pictures will really turn out to be successful and will not look overexposed;
Experiment with settings if time and funds permit. Empirically, this is the style in which it will be more comfortable to shoot.
Film must be stored in a cool place. So you can protect it from the negative influence of the chemical processes occurring in it.
Sometimes you can achieve an artistic effect using expired film - that's why it's easy to buy such offers for professionals in our online store.
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