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FujiFilm film

FujiFilm Film is a Photo Classic

Now life is hard to imagine without the ability to save valuable memories. Instax Fuji camera cartridges are specially designed to instantly capture such moments. The question remains: how do you make memory photo look good with saturated color? How to make sure that the memory is always there? How to choose the best cartridges for your instant film camera?
Wide/Mini Fuji
As for the appearance of the film, it all started back in 1998. Even then, Instax film began to be produced by Fujifilm. The camera Instax Mini cartridges were the first to see the light of day. Mini cartridges are specially designed to work with Mini cameras. The films with a white border color are also the size of a credit card.
After the release of Instax Mini film in 1998 by Fujifilm, Wide film appeared the following year (in 1999). You can use cartridges for shooting with the Instax Wide 300 camera, as well as any other camera of this format. The image size of Instax Wide is 99mm x 62mm. And the size of the whole picture, together with the frame, is 108 mm (width) by 86 mm (height).
Best Instax Cartridges
Each package of Fujifilm Instax cartridges contains 10 frames (sometimes you can see +2 additional cartridges). They are very compact and convenient. They can be put in a box or even in a miniature handbag. Films come in three basic formats; the only difference between them is what you like best. In any case, the pictures will look great on any format. The main Fuji film cartridge formats are as follows:
· mini;
· square;
· wide.
It makes it easy to carry around or put in your wallet. On a white field you can write something remarkable, put a date, or just leave it blank. It is always convenient to have a small camera on hand that would take instant photos. These cartridges are very helpful! It's time to purchase them by clicking on the "order" or "purchase" the icon.