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Polaroid originals film

Features of Polaroid Original Films

It's great to be able to capture happy moment’s right here and now. An ordinary camera is not able to immediately produce a finished photo; you don’t really take pictures on a phone either. Polaroid originals film is just what you need. It’s designed for this purpose.
One-Two and There Is a Photo
The latest Polaroid originals cassettes are a new chapter in the history of Polaroid. A plant in the Netherlands produced cartridges (they are also cassettes) without a built-in battery under the special name i-Type. In addition, there are other various interesting finds. For example, green and black colors (duochrome film) or full color, double pack and black and white or circular border.
These films are suitable for the following cameras (they’re all instant):
· Polaroid OneStep 2;
· Polaroid OneStep+;
· Polaroid Now;
· Impossible I-1;
· Impossible I-Lab (photo printer).
When choosing cartridges for yourself, pay attention to the compatibility of the camera with them. Always read the technical requirements so that there are no questions after the purchase. See if the requirements of your camera match what you want to purchase.
Advice for Newbies
The first 10 seconds after the card exits the camera are the most critical for developing quality. If you use an old camera, it’s advisable to attach a thick black bag or box to the camera, where the pictures would fall immediately after leaving the camera. Or, at the very least, take the photo out of the camera immediately and place it face down. Don’t wave it in the light like a fan!
Don’t leave finished photos for a long time in the sun. For the best preservation, it’s better to keep them in a box or photo album. Now it's time to buy film here! Just feel that you’re brilliant at the photography!