HANALOGITA 200/135/36


ISO: 200

Exposures: 36

Type: Color negative film with effect

Grain: Fine

Contrast: High

Process: C-41

ХК: All Film/35mm film/With effect



The "soup film" is a 35-millimeter experimental film, which was exposed to various substances. In order to obtain the desired effects, it was completely or partially immersed in a liquid beforehand. The film is then dried again so that it can be used in the camera.

Even if several films were experimented on with the same substances, each film is still unique. There is no 100% guarantee that the results will be the same as what you see in the photos here.
The effects of CHAROITE film are very strong and often even overwhelm the entire negative/photo. Before taking pictures, keep in mind that some important subjects may be completely overlapped by the effects.

HANALOGITA 200, lomography, with effect

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