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Batteries are a mass product in the electronics market. But the search for certain models can turn into a real quest when it comes to non-standard formats. For complex equipment, the classic A-variants are not always suitable. Old film cameras have special requirements for batteries, and each manufacturer has their own: CR2 or CR123 for Japanese models, 4LR44 for Soviet ones. In our catalog, modern batteries coexist with rare ones, and standard options with specific ones.

Our catalog
We have prepared a wide collection of batteries for different needs. Owners of retro cameras will find the right battery for their device, even if it is a rare format. Batteries for modern models of photographic equipment are also available. Available for sale at your choice:

little finger and finger formats for household appliances;
round batteries;
rare CR-P2 and 2CR5 size options.
Another type of battery is expired models. We sell such batteries with a markdown at an attractive price.

What our salon offers
Shop "Bwfilmstore" is:

a good selection of accessories and a professional approach to business;
detailed consultations from managers (our employees know everything about their niche);
attractive cost of products (the catalog contains various formats of batteries that will help you quickly and inexpensively solve the problem of finding a power source even for rare models of photographic equipment);
convenient ordering (the ability to buy products in a few clicks);
fast delivery ,Possibility to order express delivery.
Our collection of batteries is a help to professionals and amateurs of film photography. If you cannot find the right power format for your appliances or you have difficulty choosing the right model, feel free to contact our salon.