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CR Batteries

In order for your analog pod device to work without interruption, it is important to take care of its power supply. The company sells a variety of batteries on its website, including CR batteries, they are necessary in order to ensure excellent performance. Small load currents are actively used not only in cameras, they are suitable for remote control clocks, thermometers.
Features of using CR batteries
Batteries CR are inexpensive, so it is popular. Battery manufacturers indicate a typical discharge current and a capacity of 220 mah, the maximum long-term current. However, sometimes batteries can give you hundreds of milliamps and work as fast as possible, it all depends on which brand you choose.
You should understand that some batteries are offered by different brands, it is important to understand which will be the most reliable, so you can also choose lithium models. To do this, it is best to trust real well-known brands. If we consider the marking, c means that the energy tablet is injection molded, and r – round — is a symbol, indicating that the current storage has a round shape.
Battery labeling features
You can see the numbers next to the marking, they mean the size, most often these are the numbers 2032, such batteries cannot be recharged, the electrolyte used in the composition is manganese and lithium, they do not tolerate heating. Batteries are light in weight, they have small dimensions to use.
As for the numbers, the first two digits indicate the diameter in millimeters, and the second two indicate this height, that is, if this is the marking 20 32, then 20 will be the diameter, and 32 is the height of this battery. The voltage of such a battery is 3 volts. It is important to pay attention to:
  • capacity;
  • sizes;
  • voltage;
  • service life.
The larger the capacity, the longer the power supply will provide the devices with a useful current. As for the period of work, it will be different, it is necessary to pay attention to the company. The most famous company that produces such batteries are kodak, duracel, gp and other brands. Be sure to take into account the brand, parameters, labeling, packaging integrity if you need to purchase a quality product.