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CR123 Batteries

Analog photos remain popular, but in order for cameras to work smoothly, it is worth taking care to purchase special batteries to power them. Cameras use different elements, it all depends on which option you choose.
Features of using CR123 batteries
Currently, you can find both batteries and accumulators, they will have their differences. A separate category consists of type CR123. These are special batteries, before use them, it is necessary to know the basic parameters, the owner must understand how this battery is arranged and where it should be used. CR123 batteries are characterized by:
  • voltage 3 volts;
  • cylindrical shape;
  • power from 750 to 1200 mah.
The capacity of the battery is 3,400, lithium models. You can also find out that its weight is 17 grams, its diameter is 17 mm, and they 34,4 mm in high.
Where batteries are used
The composition uses electrolytes, so this element can be used both at negative temperature and at 40°C heat. If you use such a battery in the summer, you can be sure that until the temperature reaches 60°C, you can safely use this option. They are often used for such devices:
  • flashlights;
  • children's toys;
  • household appliances;
  • cameras.
If you will use battery for powerful devices, it is best to purchase batteries that can be rechargeable. Thus, the capacity will be quickly restored, but the batteries will only work for a certain amount of time specified by the manufacturer.
The CR123 ones cannot be charged, since they are not a battery, but if you try to charge a regular battery, the product may catch fire or explode, so you should immediately clarify whether you are buying a battery or a battery. If we consider the most popular manufacturers of this type of batteries, then there are kodak, duracel, gp, energizer, sony and other options. It all depends on which option you want to choose and which one you want to test, or which ones are proposed for sale.