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CR2 Batteries

If you want your analog camera to work smoothly, it is important to take care of how you will power it. Most often, such devices are powered by batteries or accumulators. It is important to clarify which type of batteries is suitable for your device.
Features of using CR2 batteries
You should understand that all CR2 batteries have:
  • peculiar differences;
  • different sizes;
  • power;
  • service life.
You should specify how long they will last to know for sure that you have purchased the right option. If we consider CR2 rechargeable batteries, then we must immediately understand that this energy source is lithium. It has a small weight, this battery was actively used back in the 90s, just for cameras, toys, medical equipment. Since analog devices have come to us since the 90s, then batteries for them are required accordingly.
In essence, they resemble a round cylinder, they have a characteristic label, a special marking. They are 15 mm wide and 27 mm high. The weight of such a battery is about 15 grams, the operating temperature is from -40 to +75, that is, you can not be afraid to use them in the hottest period. The voltage is 3 volts, and the power is about 850 mah. Many note that the shelf life reaches 10 years.
The main advantages of CR2 elements
If we consider the main advantages of these CR two elements, then they are distinguished:
  • stable operation;
  • long service life;
  • large capacity;
  • small size;
  • light weight;
  • reasonable price.
In addition to cameras, such elements are widely used for flashlights, flashlights, electric collars, locks, metal detectors, laser pointers, receivers. It is impossible to charge such batteries, only special batteries are used for this. Otherwise, the battery may overheat and explode. The most famous manufacturers of such batteries are gp, energizer, varta, duracel, and you can by them for sale. Only after personal use can you make sure of their power and choose the most suitable option for yourself.