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LR Batteries

Currently, the same power sources are used for analog devices as in the 90s. Thanks to the online store, you can purchase different types of batteries, and you will be able to provide your device with uninterrupted operation. However, before buying, you should immediately make sure that you are buying batteries that cannot be charged. If your goal is to restore capacity, it is best to purchase if their use is provided by your device.
Advantages of using LR batteries
If we consider the LR battery, then it is worth knowing that this is quite running sizes, they are widely used. These are finger ag batteries, and they are widely used, besides they are produced in a variety of ways. Usually they have a voltage of one and a half volts, and the capacity reaches 4000 mah. This is an alkaline battery, size reaches a height of 50.5 mm, a diameter of 14.5 mm. The production technology is alkaline, and the weight is from 11 to 15 grams.
Such batteries 44 type are widely used, it is the most functional. This is the best item to use in the world. Most often they are used for:
  • medical devices;
  • children's toys;
  • cameras;
  • video cameras;
  • calculators;
  • watches;
  • flashlights with button.
Features of using batteries
These elements can be used in various fields of application. However, you should know for sure that it is forbidden to charge such a battery due to the fact that it contains alkali, it is dangerous, and ignition may occur when charging. Disassembling the batteries gp is also not recommended, when buying it is worth paying attention to the fact that the packaging and the case are not damaged.
Also be sure to read the labels on the packaging. If the devices consume little electricity, then the battery may last for several years. If we consider analogues, we can see the same salt, lithium batteries, they have a different marking. When buying, an important parameter is the capacity, thanks to it you can understand how long the work will last.