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Analog cameras

Our catalog of cameras is a repository of hundreds of devices, which includes not only popular models of instant cameras, but also rare film cameras. Each client receives professional advice on the choice of equipment, the characteristics of the option he is interested in, and the features of the shooting. Salon staff will guide you on the models, their capabilities and cost.

What cameras can be bought in our showroom
We offer cameras for both experienced users and beginners in the art of photography. The catalog contains:

film fotos;
lomography and disposable cameras
A huge number of both new and old 35mm film cameras and refurbished 120 type cameras
Rare models are used cameras. Before putting up for sale, we check each camera, and also give up-to-date information not only about its external parameters, but also about all the technical characteristics, the working condition of each element of the camera.

What distinguishes our salon
Our store is a large selection of cameras and a professional approach to business. We offer:

cameras for every taste and need (modern models and rare used options of good quality);
detailed consultation (our employees know everything about their niche);
affordable prices (in the catalog you will find both advanced camera models and simple film cameras that are inexpensive);
cameras for different audiences (among our equipment there are options for both professional photography and beginners).
convenient ordering and fast delivery (we deliver cameras by courier
All cameras come with a warranty. The failed camera will be repaired or replaced with a similar one.