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Fujifilm Instax cameras

Analog cameras have been relevant for a long time, they were popular earlier, but analog models are still being produced. The online store offers a variety of Fuji cameras that are fully automatic, have special functions that are relevant today. Among the possibilities, the Fujifilms Instax mini film is suitable, and the shooting distance is 0.3 meters.
Features of Fuji Cameras
The camera has a mechanical shutter with electronic control, and exposure control is fully automatic. There is also an automatic flash. Two types of AA mini batteries are suitable for the camera. These cameras are instantant and make it possible to take instantly pictures. Since the 90s, people have loved this cam. They became real legends because it was possible to take shots and immediately get the photo itself. We could immediately put the photo like Polaroid in an album, no photo studio was required, and the camera operation was simple and fast.
The cameras Fujifilm that are presented on the site are distinguished by convenience, variety, they are offered in different colors. You can find the camera:
  • pink;
  • sky blue;
  • charcoal gray;
  • lilac purple;
  • white.
They have similar functions, have the ability to take instant pictures, and allow you to take beautiful and high-quality photos.
Special characteristics of the cameras
The main feature of the newest Fujifilm camera Instax is that the pictures have a square format. One such camera was announced back in 2017, it was a hybrid camera that could take both digital and analog pictures, while instant printing was guaranteed. The camera has an auto-detection mode, wide focus and brightness can be adjusted automatically, and the shutter speed can be programmed for group shots.
There is a special built-in camera timer and a standard tripod mount that people use regullary. The cameras also have special filters — purple, orange, green, that is, you can set special modes for exposure, macro photography, landscape photography. Such sq cameras are particularly popular, they have a unique design, are convenient to use and are guaranteed to produce high-quality analog images.