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Lomo Instant cameras

Analog cameras Lomo have been popular for a long time, this equipment was appreciated in the last century. In any case, these cameras have left their significant mark on the world of photography. They were especially popular at a certain point. At its core, these were ordinary soap dishes, there were no advanced ideas here, but at the same time this automatic camera was reliable, cheap and had an electronic filling.
The history of the brand's analog cameras
The instant camera Lomography appeared back in the 80s. The cameras that are presented on the site not only have fully manual exposure control, but also make it possible to automatically program shooting modes, which is very convenient, and allows you to enjoy the excellent squaring photos you have received. You can only think about shooting the composition, the camera will automatically adjust everything else itself.
It is distinguished by such parameters as low multiple exposure extraction, color filters, flash shooting, automat. All the best that exists in Lomo analogue cameras can be found in newer models. Such mini cameras have excellent modes for automatic and creative shooting. You can shoot:
  • at a pool party;
  • mountain scenery;
  • mobile pet tricks.
Features of using cameras
In any case, you will get bright, unforgettable photos, thanks to the fact that the camera has a fully programmable shutter, you can activate the automatic mode and take advantage of all the advantages of the program shutter. The glass lens also has a self-timer function. It is also possible to take a group square photo, the camera kit has a special built-in self-timer, which can be fully programmed, so it becomes possible to take interesting group pictures.
The tools have also developed special analog features for using the Fujifilm instax cartridge, sometimes they are twice as wide as a standard film. The same connector people use to store the camera's memory with a personal computer. You can conduct various ideas with the flash, take into account studio lighting. In general, all these features give you a chance to get unforgettable beautiful clear pictures.