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Mint cameras

Analog cameras have been known for a long time, they are able to provide you with beautiful analog images, and at the same time many are focused on instant photos. The online store provides a variety of products and services that allow you to get instant photos. The company Mint has tried to revive the well-known Polaroid photos, which have long established themselves as an excellent option in the market of instant images.
Features of analog Mint cameras
Minta cam was able to release two-lens reflex cameras that used a special Fuji Instax mini film. They were able to present a special camera in the style of watering, which used a large-format Fujifilm film. All cameras are reliable, they are different series of excellent cameras and accessories for photographers to work with.
Those people who are fond of analog photos have long appreciated the Mint company as an opportunity to get modern beautiful print. The company provides cameras of different series, everyone chooses the option that seems to him the most acceptable and spectacular.
Different series of Mint cameras
The Instant Con series involves the use of a rangefinder, this is an opportunity to get exceptionally beautiful pocket photos, they are usually designed to have an affordable design that the masses like. They differ in:
  • aperture;
  • shutter;
  • the depth of field of the photos.
The company also offers another series of Instantax Flex, which has two lenses, one of them is located in the upper part in order to view photos, and the lower lens allows you to get an image on film. This model was released in 2015 for the first time received a lot of good reviews. It had an improved zink shutter and diaphragm mechanism.
There is another series that offers more upgraded cameras, allows you to choose different shutter speeds, and is also compatible with Fujifilm film. This is the perfect snap camera that has replaced the polaroid and provides perfect pictures instantly.