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Polaroid Original cameras

Analog cameras have long been known and widely used, although the peak of their popularity passed in the last century. However, one of the most popular analog cameras is Polaroid – this is a real classic that allows you to live in the moment. It will come as a surprise to many, but polaroids are still being produced today, you can buy them, although they differ from their predecessors.
Features of using Polaroid cameras
The originals has a special lens that can automatically switch the focus distance, they are suitable for creating gorgeous portraits. A distinctive feature of the cameras is that it can independently adapt to any lighting, which will make it possible buying the perfect result in low-light conditions.
Polaroid also provides a long working time, does not require recharging. On average, instant 15 cassettes are required, and thus it turns out to be the perfect type of accessories for any adventure. Among the main characteristics is the fact that the weight of the camera is only 400 g, and the shutter system has an individual design, a special stepper motor in order to provide one automatic focusing.
The instax system also works, which consists of two lenses. The onestep flash is built-in, has excellent power. Accessories also include:
  • carrying strap;
  • charger;
  • instructions;
  • original packaging.
The cameras on the site are offered films in different colors, you can buy a pink, mint version. A go instant printing camera is provided separately, such cameras have been widely used for a long time, they have proven themselves as reliable and time-tested, as a Fujifilm cameras.
Differences of modern models
Polaroid is the founder of instant photography, and many later tried to copy this technology. An interesting fact is that, despite the fact that many people remember Polaroid cameras from the 90s, but many do not know that modern models can be found today. Of course, they can never provide high-quality images of land or portrets, but the ability to get a finished photo instantly remains one of the most popular features.
It was the Polaroid original camera that provided instant printing, it's stylish, it's special distinctive colors, while if digital files can be lost, erased, then real photos will stay with you for life. They cover a large segment of the market and offer a wide variety of options to use, but the Fuji also provides you with such a cam. You can find original cameras, analog cameras, mini children's cameras, any film for them. You can get special square polaroids, the format of which is classic.