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Camera Type: Instant

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The Lomo Instant Wide White features not only full manual control over exposure settings, but also an automatic, fully programmable shooting mode that lets you relax and enjoy taking great photos while thinking only about the subject and composition. Long shutter speeds, multiple exposures and color filters for flash photography - all the best of Lomo Instant now in Instax Wide format as well!

1) All cameras have micro flares at the edges of the picture. If you do not look closely, you will not see them. The manufacturer positions this as a normal situation. No warranty on this fact.
2) The power of the flash leaves much to be desired. -The camera is better suited for daylight and studio light.
3) Quality of the photo is kind of questionable! Before you buy the camera is better to look at photos on the Internet.

Shutter speed: 1/125 sec, manual
Exposure compensation: +1 / -1
Automatic exposure
Flash (can be turned off)
Power: 4 AAA batteries
Tripod socket
Filter slot: 49mm
Cable release jack
Apertures: f/8, f/22

Fujifilm Instax, fuji, instant camera
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