Lomo Instant Wide White + Lenses

The Lomo'Instant Wide White features not only full manual control over exposure settings, but also an automatic, fully programmable shooting mode that lets you relax and enjoy taking great photos while thinking only about the subject and composition. Slow shutter speeds, multiple exposures and color filters for flash photography-all the best of Lomo Instant is now also available on Instax Wide format!

All cameras have micro flashes at the edges of the picture. You will not see them if you are not careful. You will not see them if you do not care. There is no warranty for this fact.

Auto & Creative Shooting Modes. Whether you're at a pool party in the hills of Hollywood, sipping tea on the couch while your dog does somersaults, cycling through vineyards in Chile, or enjoying dinner with friends in the open air, just choose the right mode - manual or automatic - and create striking photos.

Fully programmable shutter. Activate automatic mode and enjoy the advantage of the program shutter. The software will determine the right amount of light for each shot and set it to the right setting-an absolutely seamless photographic experience!

Lens attachment with self-timer function. Close your eyes and imagine how you could take an auto-portrait with friends without having to press the shutter button. Now open your eyes - with the Lomo'Instant Wide White, you can do this very easily by putting the cap on the lens with the built-in self-timer - an essential accessory for group photos, and already included with the camera.

Take a ride on the wide side. Harkening back to the Polaroid nostalgia of yesteryear, the Lomo'Instant Wide White is designed to use Fuji Instax Wide cartridges, which are twice as wide as standard Instax Mini film.

PC Flash Sync Connector. With the special PC Sync connector built into the Lomo'Instant White body, you can experiment with external flash and various studio lighting.

Built-in 90mm premium lens. As the equivalent of a 35mm lens on ordinary film, the built-in lens of the new Lomo Instant Wide White is versatile for a wide range of image formats. Create gorgeous portraits from 0.6 meters away, shoot at a short distance of 1-2 meters for emphasized composition, or choose to focus at infinity for landscapes.

Long Shutter Speed. To create stunning photos at slow shutter speeds, simply switch your camera to Bulb Mode (B mode). Experiment with crazy "light brush" drawings by keeping the shutter button pressed as long as necessary for your idea.

When one subject isn't enough: endless multi-exposures. Not counting the Lomo Instant Mini, only its successor the Lomo Instant Wide boasts an unlimited number of single-frame exposures. Switch to MX (Multi-exposure) mode and create collage shots with different subjects superimposed on each other - in the spirit of the classic Polaroid photographic technique of all time.

Color filters. Add artistic style to your photos and explore unexpected and interesting color results - 4 vibrant photo flash filters let your Lomo'Instant Wide White savor every hue.

Flash On/Off. The option to turn the flash off is a great option for those situations where you want to take a picture indoors and not just have the subject in a completely dark background. You can choose where and when the flash will go off and when it won't. And with a fully programmable shutter, you'll get great images even without the flash.

Exposure correction. Set the dial to darker/lighter (+/- 1 shade) to your liking.

Quick Focus. With different focus control positions (up to 1m, 1m - infinity), you can easily and quickly tell the camera the distance to your subject.

Colored gel filters for flash
170-degree super wide-angle lens
Close-up macro lens
Lomo'Instant Wide Splitzer for a series of shots in a single frame
Lens cap with auto shutter function
Creative technique cards
Detailed instructions
Shutter speeds: 1/125 sec / manual
Exposure compensation: +1 / -1
Automatic exposure
Flash (can be turned off)
Power: 4 AAA batteries
Tripod mount
Filter thread: 49mm
Cable release jack
Apertures: f/8, f/22

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Camera Type: Instant

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