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Photography chemistry

How to Choose the Best Solutions to Develop films

Digital photography is the most popular type of art today yet professionals are still choosing the traditional methods. And not only them but regular photographers starts to favor developing photos themselves instead of printing. Special chemicals are necessary to make this process fast and safe. BlackWhite Film store has a wide variety of products to choose from.
At the dawn of the craft as we know it today, developing pictures was dangerous due to specific photographic compounds used. These times are long gone now, at least if you use the ones sold by BWFilmStore. Before using any chems you need to pre-soak a film. Then you need to mix the solutions manually or use a premade one. Soak the film in the developer, then stop bath, then fixer. Simple as that!
Buy Anything Related to Photography
Several dozens of licensed products for color and black & white photography are on the screens of yours:
· dry chemistry;
· liquid developing tools;
· chemical wetting agents;
· stop bath foundation;
· all-round kits.
We also have multiple articles teaching various techniques on how to make high definition photographs before and after you click the shutter. Learn how people make own films using a paper and special emulsion without being professional chemists! Do not forget you need to build a proper darkroom first!
The shipment is available worldwide, but the cost will depend on the country of your living. With the main office in New York, we have an access to the best quality photo chemistry. Check out our starter kit including anything from camera to development kit at the discount price. It is time to turn the lights off and start developing!