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Photo paper developing chemicals

How to Choose Developers for Paper

While the process of developing photos by yourself may seem complicated at the first glance it is pretty basic at the core. Marketplaces like Black White Film Store offer all the necessary tools one by one or in the complete package. Anything from tripods and cameras to special photographic papers and printing chemistry. It is necessary to speak about the latter in greater details as many fellow hobbyists avoid using them.
Similar to film compounds, the ones used on photography paper had their major developments in 20s century. First variants were very far from being safe but today’s chemicals cannot cause any damage to health. Obviously, it is only possible if a photographer is using safety equipment as the manufacturers suggest. Moreover, developers became more eco-friendly in 21st century but still far away from alternative photo processing methods. On the final note, you need a proper darkroom to print quality images.
Look at the Assortment
The compound itself that you can buy from BWFilmStore comes in 2 forms: dry and liquid. Some of them need additional mixing while others are ready for the use. There is no ultimate method or chemical to pick up as any of them result in color, light contrast, etc. variations to the image. It also depends on the paper itself as some chemistry works better with specific material:
· resin coated (RC);
· fibre base (FB);
· cotton Rag (C).
Each one of them provides different texture and toning properties to the future print. To experiment with all of them buy universal paper development chemistry from our store. The shipment is overseas through DHL post service. Each product page has a shipment calculator to get the final price of the order. For any questions about the assortment contact our support team.