Foma Fomatol LQN 250 мл



Foma Fomatol LQN is a liquid concentrate for the preparation of developer intended for manual and machine processing of all kinds of black and white photographic papers.
The properties of this developer are very similar to the Kodak Polymax T.
The concentrate is supplied in polyethylene bottles of 250 ml

Hand processing:1 part of developer concentrate + 7 parts of water
Mechanical processing: 1 part of developer concentrate + 4 parts of water
In 1 liter of developer, dilution 1+7, 1.5 m2 of barite-based photographic paper or 3 m2 of laminated (RC) film can be processed.
Recommended regeneration: for machine processing 200 ml of concentrate solution with dilution of 1+4 per 1 m2 of photographic paper.

FOMA, darkroom, b&w printing
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