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Retro Special Developer for 1 liter, a special two-component methyl-hydroquinone developer designed for manual processing of Retropan 320 soft negative films as well as other types of roll, perforated and sheet negative black and white films, which can be stored in a full bottle for up to 12 months, use within 3-6 months.

1 liter of working solution of developer Retro Special is enough to process 1.3 square meters of film material - the following amount of sheet film: 25 sheets of 8x10 inches, 50 sheets of 5x7 inches, 100 sheets of 4x5 inches; 36 meters of perforated film width of 35 mm or 25 pieces of narrow film of 36 frames

Preparation of working solution

The contents of the smaller and then the larger bag should be dissolved in 700 ml of warm water (40°C) in sequence. After dissolving all reagents, top up with distilled water to 1 liter and cool down to room temperature.

Develop mode
During the first 30 seconds developer is continuously agitated or the tank is continuously turned over, then during the first 10 seconds every minute till the end of development time. After processing 0.8 m2 of film, the developer time is to be increased by 10% for each 0.1 m2
of film compared to the previous development time.

Time of development (min) at 20 ° C

Retropan 320 4-5minRetropan 320 (EI 640-800) 7-8min
Fomapan100 - 4min
Fomapan 200 - 5min
Fomapan 400 - 6min

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