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Tanks and containers

Analog photos currently remain popular, many people prefer just such photos that are atmospheric, they can convey special colors, add tenderness to your days. Analog cameras have a great opportunity to feel like a real professional, developing of new models is still actual.
Features of printing analog photos
In order to develop the film, you will need to equip your own mini studio, and you will be able to take such photos using a variety of devices, like tanks, reels, bottles, kits. The online store offers a variety of accessories, including tanks, containers for the darkroom, they make processing easier:
  • make the development of films convenient;
  • facilitate the printing of photos;
  • ensure the storage of chemicals.
The use will be as convenient as possible and similar to the system that was popular in the last century. Universal containers to develop films are offered separately, the size of which is 2x35 mm, 1x120 mm, they are completely similar to the universal capacity from Patterson, which were popular and used in home photo labs for development sheet with photos of any format.
You need a compact mini tank, you can choose two models that will match the size of the film you are using. Containers from Patterson 35 mm are considered universal for this process. You can also purchase corrugated tanks that will help store chemicals for developing photos. Such tanks can have a volume of up to 2000 milligrams.
Convenience of buying accessories for printing photos
In any case, you get an excellent opportunity to purchase reliable classic accessories that will allow you to take photos in person, it can be reel, bottle, kit, sheets, light. There is nothing like a special atmosphere when you have to get into a special darkroom, where there will be all the necessary devices in order to easily develop and print perfect black and white photography in any format. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in another life, and feel like a real professional photographer.
Currently, many photographers use analog cameras in order to get special images with atmospheric details in daylight, you can choose different ways to print photos. Since today it will be difficult to find a large laboratory for printing photos that were popular before, where people brought films, then you can easily equip your own laboratory by purchasing everything you need in the online store in any time.