Vanguard veo 2 go 235ab


The VEO 2 GO 235AB is a compact and lightweight 23mm 5-section aluminum travel tripod with a compact ball head optimized for cameras up to 4kg.

Inverted 5-section aluminum legs that fold for compact carrying

Rubberized twist locks for legs - new click-to-open feature. In addition, it is easy to clean, disassemble and reassemble when needed.

The durable T-50 ball head with large ergonomic grips and separate pan lock is optimized for workloads up to 4kg/8.8lbs.

QR plate compatible with Arca. KS-64

Secure head lock system and top plate on B-pillar

All parts are made of aluminum alloy (CNC)

2-section reversible telescopic center column

A retractable hook has been added so that you can weight the tripod if desired.

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