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3-legged Photo Helper

Many newcomers to photography hobby forgot about the importance of various accessories. They are able to singlehandedly improve a photo from an «amateur» level to a «semi-pro» without any expensive kameras! The secret is in physics and how the shutter works. The less motion happening during the moment when the sensor (or film) is exposed to light the better quality will be. Any tripod stand will help immensely with exactly that!
It is never a bad thing to experiment a bit and find some clever substitutions like a pile of books or a stool. However, the stabilizations effect of the use of these constructs just slightly better than from your hands. They need some physics to work properly. 3+ «legs» of a tripod allow the camera to have a minimum number of support points to remain static. All the tripods used as a showcase on the virtual shelves of Black White Film Store passed the US certification.
Best Materials and Production Quality Right Here
But please do not go for a cheap imported tripods that made from flimsy materials. The system variants we sale at BWFilmStore were made from high-class alloys, resin and plastic. It slightly impacts the price but the quality will shine where it really matters! Tripod systems here placed in different categories to buy from:
· by weighting (below one kilogram, 1 kg+);
· by size (mini, large);
· by a holder on the head.
This equipment can be shipped to a photograph living in any reasonable location on the globe. The package is lightweight and tight so the shipment will cost almost nothing. Any scratches or leg misplacements should be documented and reported back to BWFilm Store. Refund policy four our sales is also intact and allow you to return the product. Get onto the «Contact Us» section to learn more.