FOMA FOMASPEED VARIANT 311 GLOSSY 17,8 Х 24cm - 25 sheets


Surface: High Gloss (RC)

Base material: Half board

Contrast: Variable

Sheets: 25

Size: 12,7X17,8 CM (5x7 INCH)

ХК: All Products/Photopaper/Foma



Black and white variable contrast paper on a polyethylene base. Correction filters are used to change the contrast from extra soft to extra contrasty. This type of paper is characterized by a wide range of halftones at all contrast levels, a slightly creamy base tone, and a saturated black color. Fomaspeed Variant is available in glossy (311), matte (312) and velvety (313) surface.

foma, darkroom, b&w printing
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