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Mamiya C330 test

It always seemed to me that people shooting medium format is a kind of caste, which you can join, but after years of photographig. Anyway, life gives you not just lemons, but pleasant surprises too: I was handed the ilforddelta 400 and the mamiya c330. Explained how to charge the film, where and how to turn this knob on the side, how to close and open the shaft (that window where you look down from above with a very serious and pompous look). Spoiler: nothing supernatural, you can do it too!

The sun was beginning to come out and one fine day I made my way downtown to shoot my first wide reel. For medium format photography they use wide 120 film. It's perfect for fans of extra restrictions. Now you only get 12 tries to make something good. I was a little less lucky, I had 7.

It turned out that this particular camera had a rather rare defect - a large interframe space, meaning that only 7 frames fit on the film instead of 12. This defect can only be detected after shooting and when looking at the negatives. It's great that I got my hands on it before it went on sale. The guys from will thoroughly check everything, fix it and it will be available again.

Pros and cons of the Mamiya C 330:

Good interchangeable optics;
Strap around your neck can be used to stabilize instead of a tripod
over the shaft has a retractable magnifier for more accurate focusing;
Many shutter speed options (up to 1/500)

For me it's quite heavy and cumbersome for street photography. Half a day with 1.5 kg on the neck not everyone will be happy;
Doesn't always work at slow shutter speeds like 1/60;
The minimal aperture is 4.0, so you can blur the background behind the subject, but don't expect something special like at 1.9 for example.

And yes, it's literraly different experience and pictures. Even more attentive and measured. You're trying to square everything around you. There's no hurry in such things.

Film, development and scans:

I give this baby
7 points out of 10