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Olympus AF-10 review

Olympus AF-10. 

Fix from Olympus. What is he capable of?



Lens 35mm/f3,5 - f9 

Exposure 1/45 - 1/400 

Autofocus, auto exposure, auto film winding. 

Unswitchtable flash.

Runs on two AA batteries

Film speed range DX 50-1600. By default perceives the film as 50. 

This line of cameras came after the XA, known for its sharp lens and extremely small size. During this period, all companies began to produce their first autofocus cameras, including Olympus. 

The photos were shot on expired films Konica Centuria 100 and Kodak Ultramax 400. Both expired for a significant period of time, so I pulled up the range of dark on those pictures.

The camera itself is pleasant to touch, nice to open and well managed, although it looks too big for its functions. Not the lightest and certainly not the smallest. 

Must be said about the flash. It's not a good fact that it works in 80 percent of cases, but the effect of it is always quite mild and appropriate. Frankly speaking, I did not place serious plans on the camera, but in terms of picture quality, it confidently leaves behind many colleagues with a zoom. 

Frames are sharp across the entire surface, a large number of details and thin lines are retained. If this model already had a deactivated flash and a larger range of exposure towards the long ones, it would be an ideal camera. 

RATE : 6,5/10. 

A worthy camera to try new films, to shoot in darkness in fast mode or as a reliable option for travel, because it is very easy to use and runs on finger batteries. You can definitely get good shots with it, but it's hard to play with exposure, the flash just won't let you do that.