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Ricoh xr500 test & review

Ricoh xr500
A camera for those who don't read many reviews and don't really get into top or non top brands of cameras.
Doesn't get into the reliability and quality of lenses. But constantly monitors the updates at our website.
The Ricoh xr500 is a propper pattern camera without a single extra button. Everything in its place. Everything is very clear.
I haven't read any manuals or watched any videos to analyze the nuances, I just charged the film and started shooting.
But something has to be written about the camera, so I'll start with the pros.
On the plus side is the design, there is nothing superfluous. The weight! Lighter than many mechanical cameras in this segment (definitely lighter than my Pentax spotmatic).
Simple interface, a big plus for beginners. My TTL meter with two LR44 batteries. And that's about it.
The film was loaded with Ilford pan 100 and I started shooting portraits.

In tandem with the Rikenon lens the picture was like a Zenit, very washed out background, and sorry it's "bokeh". A few shots, but surprisingly not portrait shots, I missed the focus and I don't know what to sin, okay, let it be my slip. The viewfinder is standard and arranged by Doden wedges.
One of the downsides is that the cocking lever locks the shutter when it is fully closed, meaning the lever must always be ajar. This is an inconvenience for me.
I'm used to when a separate tumbler, and you're comfortable locking it yourself when you need it. The rikenon lens has an aperture of 2.0 with a focal length of 50mm.
The shutter speeds from 1/8 to 1/500 might not be enough for someone at 1/1000 or even 1/2000 so that's a minus too.
The Ricoh xr500 takes the "High -" level.
A middling camera that both doesn't repel and doesn't impress. The exact same camera with a lens where the shutter speed range would at least be up to 1/1000 would take the "High +" level.
Not likely to review my Zenit 11, but the review would be exactly the same and the rating would be exactly the same. Draw your own conclusions.