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MINOLTA Dynax 3xi panorama + Silberra U400 test & review

MINOLTA Dynax 3xi panorama.

When I get not only a camera but also a black and white film to test, I want to tell more about the film. But let's start with the camera. It is a Minolta 3xi autofocus with a Minolta AF zoom 28-80mm "kit" lens at 1:4-5.6 (Minolta AF Mount). It is difficult to distinguish it from a modern digital camera, I have tested it by experience, when the camera fell into the hands of an inexperienced person, he began to click on it without stopping and I had to slow him like "Hey, there is a film!". It's important to me that people see that I am shooting on film, that I am walking around with a film camera in 2022, so when buying a camera like this, get a grip on that issue.

The lens is important as well as in all modern cameras, that is why kit lens with maximum light sensitivity f4.0 is amateur (beginner) level. The picture will be more interesting with a more serious lens . It is possible that such an autofocus camera of Canon brand will also be more interesting, but the price will be higher. By the way, at our store you will find a camera for every taste. Overall, the camera is perfect for basic tasks. The 3xi reads films at ISO 25-5000. Shutter speeds range from 30 to 1/2000. Powered by a single 2CR5 battery. Shooting modes are the most standard: "auto" (P), aperture priority (A), shutter speed priority (S) and mechanical (M). Operating the modes is simple: you press the "P" button and next to it there is a horizontal joystick which switches modes and also in all modes controls the switching of shutter speeds, and the vertical joystick on the left front of the camera is responsible for switching the aperture value.
Also on the body are the "self timer" buttons and auto to manual focus switch.

Finally about the Silberra U400 film. I could become a fan of this brand. The Silberra Ultima 160 is currently my favorite black and white film. The U400 has good contrast, but do not cut the edge. The grain is coarse but soft. The film has a grayish tint to it. Most importantly, it performs well in bright sunlight, backlight, cloudy weather, and with the flash on.

Actually, the Minolta 3xi and most autofocus cameras in a modern "digital" body have to occupy the medium level because they were created in era of transition from film to digital and all technologies have been studied. Therefore, the camera takes the "High" level without the "+/-" sign. I run into three small problems:
1. I had to figure out the shutter speed and aperture switching;
2. Autofocus had to think twice a couple of times when shooting my object against the sun (girl silhouette) and when taking a portrait indoors against a dark background with flash;
3. In some pictures the skin is overexposed.
The camera is a good start for a beginner photographer.