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Olympus pen ee-2 test & review

Olympus pen ee-2
One of the most stylish and compact cameras I have ever held in my hands. Plus, the Pen EE-2 is the first half-frame camera I've ever shot with.
This camera would be perfect for traveling to warm countries. Bright sunshine is just the thing for the built-in selenium exposure meter. Yes, yes, the lack of light just won't let you capture the moment you want, because the camera realizes that the exposure is not good enough for the perfect shot, and the shutter release button simply locks - this is one of the disadvantages of this model.
If we talk about the most important plus - it's fully automatic settings, you just have to press the button and the shot will come out. If you make the comparison, then you have the exterior of a retro car, and under the hood of a modern approach to engineering. It turns out - it's a point-and-shoot in a vintage, stylish package.
The camera is perfect for beginners in analog photography and for veteran photographers who don't mind holding an Olympus pen in their pocket for a quick snapshot in the moment.
The Pen has automatic exposure and also has a Zuiko lens with a focal length of 28mm and an aperture of f/3.5. The shutter button is short-stroke, which is a big plus because my film footage has almost no blurred shots.
As for the results, this was the most frustrating, because I didn't really trust the automatic settings on this 50 year old camera. But it exceeded my expectations! Good color reproduction, soft grain and understated detail. Most of the pictures were taken in very sunny weather, perfect exposure for this camera, but with all that, not a single blown out shot was achieved, that is, the automation worked on 5 points out of 5.
For those who like to work with models I would advise not to focus on portraits, this camera does better in the middle and full frame (full-length model). For studio lovers, you definitely need a room full of light so the camera shoots at the shortest possible shutter speed.
If you draw the line, the Olympus pen EE is a camera that will be attractive for analog photographers. A camera that is easy to use and requires no in-depth knowledge of analog photography. A camera that firmly ranks as a "mid-range" camera in the market.

I will develop my evaluation system of test cameras based on the popular NBA 2K simulator. From less to more:
1 Easy
2 Low
3 High
4 All star
5 Hall of fame
Also each level will be subdivided into "-/+" where minus is a weak position and plus is a confident position.
The Olympus pen EE-2 will take the "high - -" level,
because it is one of the most popular levels and there will be the most competition.