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Nikon FM2+ Nikon lens 50/1.8 review & test

As a fan of Nikon digital cameras I wanted to test the film cameras of the company as well. My choice fell on the stylish Nikon FM2. Black metal body, manual film rewind, clean mechanics - everything is about the spirit of old film aesthetics. Along with the beautiful wrapping comes its versatility. The long exposure range coupled with the fast 50mm F/1.8 lens lets you shoot at any time of day. It gives you a nice, sharp and bright picture. I am not a fan of Fuji film, but I wanted to give it another chance with this camera. Most of the footage was shot in the evening. I captured some atmospheric shots of the cozy streets in the center, all for our film lovers.
The camera is quite compact and not too heavy.
All in all, an excellent choice for those who like to control settings and get high quality film images.

1 photo (1/125, 400, 4)
2 (1/60, 400, 2.8)
3 (1/30, 400, 2.8)
4 (1/125, 400, 5.6)

I was also able to capture those passing sunny days. Despite the fact that the Fuji is going for cool tones, the photos came out warm in a summery way. Quirky shadows from the trees, interesting highlights, direct sunlight - the wide range of shutter speeds (up to 1/4000) allows you to take pictures even at noon.

1 photo (1/2000, 400, 8)
2 (1/500, 400, 5.6)
3 (1/4000, 400, 8)