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Ricoh rt-550 test & review

I rarely shoot with compacts with zoom, so I will draw the main parallel with the Olympus super zoom series cameras, I had a chance to hold them in my hands. The Ricoh is larger than the Olympus series, the camera, so to say, is not for weak hands, although for me the body was quite foldable and comfortable.
The camera has a 35-70 zoom lens with an aperture of f/3.5-6.6. The zoom came in handy when I started shooting picturesque churches by the river, although I don't use it 90% of the time. On top of the body informative screen with the settings: timer, burst mode, controlled flash, frame counter, as well as you can check the battery status. Speaking of the battery, this is a rare CR-P2 model. I think this is one of the obvious disadvantages, because it's not cheap and you still need to look for it.
Moving on. The camera has a large and handy viewfinder, unlike the same Olympus super zoom. The Ricoh rt-550 has a pre-focus function, so the shutter button is not as sensitive. When I put the camera in my sister's hands she didn't take the picture the first time and I told her to press the shutter harder so I will take that as a small minus as well.
If we return to the process of taking pictures, the main idea that I had in my head was whether the size of the camera makes up for the quality of the pictures. And I'll tell you that it did!
I especially liked the close-ups, there was not a single blurred shot, for those who have a personal blog - this is very important. So, who does not go for a compact camera - it's a decent option for its money, by the way, the actual cost of this camera you can find in our online-store.
The camera was fueled with a test winder film with dx code 100, so the quality of the pictures is a bit hidden under the color film.

I'll develop my test camera evaluation system based on the popular NBA 2K simulator. From less to more:
1 Easy
2 Low
3 High
4 All star
5 Hall of fame
Also each level will be subdivided into "-/+" where minus is a weak position and plus is a confident position.

The Ricoh rt-550 will be assigned a "low +" level,