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Olympus LT Zoom 105 review & test

Today we are reviewing a luxury compact, the zoom-mju in leather and just a handy gizmo that's easy to throw in your short's pocket and go shoot. Externally, it's a tupical zoom-mju, except a little more zoom, leather trim and chrome. For some reason, it reminds me old Lincolns from the 80's, where the car itself, and its interior, are painted the same rich burgundy.
Also, besides burgundy, these cameras came in yellow and green leather. But now it is some kind of wild rarity and costs a lot of money.

Lens: 38-105mm F/4.5-8.9. Yep, a bit of an unusual combination.
MFD: 0.6m. That's handy.
Auto shutter speed, auto exposure meter.
The flash: everytime when you turn on the camera, the flash sets in Auto mode. So you have to turn it off (if you need) everytime. Annoying.
Can read Dx-code. The range is 50-3200 ISO. Film without a code automatically puts on a hundred.

It also has a panorama function, you can toggle the lever on the body. You get a frame on the top and bottom of the viewfinder. It turns into a sort of super long bar. Cool, but not for every day usage. Or maybe is that what you're looking for? :)

RATE: 7/10
In the end, and in my humble opinion, the camera for those who do not want to sweat, who want just film shots, who cares about size, and a pretty outfit. It gives you a nice picture. Small size - if you want to carry it everywhere, it won't take up much space. And yes, the color is BURGUNDY! Doesn't that fact alone make you want it? :)