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Konica EU-Mini review

Konica EU-Mini

Lens 28mm/f6.7.
Exposure 1/60 to 1/180.
Fixed focus, auto-exposure, auto-rewind.
Non-switchable flash.
Powered by one CR123 battery.
Film speed range DX 100-400. By default perceives the film as 100.

Lens feels plastic, picture quality speaks for itself. In most cases only the area in the center of the frame will be sharp, the blur comes out at the corners of the frame.

There is a marked difference between what you see in the viewfinder and what you actually photograph. The only good thing about the glass is the 28mm. You can get a moderate picture when shooting with the flash.

As you can see, small details are instantly lost.
Technique. Three (two) exposures of 1/60-1/180 in combination with a small aperture allow you to shoot during the day, but a really bright sunny day will be a problem. The flash does not work a hundred percent of the time.

Exposure metering is accurate, but obviously you have to keep in mind that the flash is not really powerful. The fixed focus gives low overall sharpness and it's obviously not an advantage. The flash works at a single value.

RATE: 4/10
To sum it up: the camera is really primitive and does not practically justify any attempt to get a good picture.

But some cameras were made to be a pleasure to hold. I think this is one of those cases.