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Minox 35 AL & Kodak vision 500t

Minox 35AL.
A real gentleman's camera, which is slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes. Everything about this camera is cool and unusual and I recommend buying it, as you will stand out from the masses (although shooting with analog equipment you already stand out from the crowd), but there are two points that you should know. Firstly, a lens with a sensitivity of 1: 4.0, shooting without good natural light is problematic when we have half a year of twilight ahead of us. Secondly, an incomprehensible shutter button, which, without exaggeration, is worse than in a toy camera.
But to my surprise, the shots turned out beyond my expectations. The correct decision was to load Kodak vision 500t into the camera, since on the front of the camera you can switch the ISO value (100,200,400) and with a lens that is not very light-sensitive, it is better to always load films with ISO 400. But even this did not save you from blurry shots, by the way, the shortest shutter speed 1/300. The viewfinder is apparently cheaper, so visibility is below average. The minimum magician distance to the object is 1.5m. In the front of the camera there is a slot for changing the PX27 battery (the battery is rare, so it may be a problem to find it), without which the camera will not work. On the lens ring, you can change the exposure conditions (cloudy, shaded, sunny) and the distance to the subject, just like in typical school cameras. There is a red indicator in the viewfinder that tells you if you have enough light for a good shot, but it is important to know that the shutter does not lock, so a slow shutter speed will be set at your risk and the frame may turn out blurry.
Minox belongs to the category of stand-alone cameras. According to my rating scale, I will put the camera on the High level “-“. The inscription “Made in Germany” is very captivating on the camera. There are many different variations of models in this line, most of them with a 1: 2.8 lens, and this will probably solve some problems in shooting conditions. But the most important thing is that you will definitely be recognizable with this camera.