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Euroshop PC-606 test & review

The Euroshop camera is a compact wide-angle 35mm camera with a very strange name and the simplest functionality.

When you take it in your hands at first it's very hard to believe that this baby weighing just over 100 grams is capable of taking pictures.

But it does and it does it very well.

Due to the fact that the Euroshop is a camera with a fixed shutter speed and aperture (f 5.6) , free focus, (which means that the focus will be all from 1.5 meters to infinity), in fact you just have to press the shutter.

Plus, this camera is fully mechanical, that is, it does not need batteries and the probability of its failure due to the lack of electronics is very, very small. And because of its price is not terrible at all :)

I used it to shoot an expired fujicolor 200 in daylight with clouds.

For its price and the plastic lens it did quite well. But of course you should not expect super clear images with incredible blur from it.

All kinds of flare is, of course, a matter of taste. But here, they were only for the joy of me :)

About the bad side, it's a piece of finger (in the frame) on half of the photos, although it seemed that it could not be there. So, this is more of a warning and advice for the future.

Well, since this camera is fully mechanical, the winding and rewinding of the film is done manually. And the rewind is a bit tight, it seems that the film might tear in the process. And although it didn't, I would advise to be more careful, or if you are absolutely afraid to take it to the lab to open it.

All in all, a great camera to shoot and not to think about anything (except your finger on the lens!).