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Miranda auto sensorex EE + Fomapan 200

Miranda auto sensorex EE.
Along with famous brands in the photo industry, you hardly heard anything about Miranda. But this camera is definitely worth paying attention to.
Most cameras of the second half of the 20th century are similar to each other, but the distinguishing feature of Miranda is automatic exposure, a removable viewfinder (the ability to take pictures with a prism). The E series lenses were introduced at the same time as this model. When you set the aperture ring to EE, the camera shoots in automatic exposure. I will tell you about the most important plus in using it and about the minus.
Plus is the shutter sound. The downside is the weight (a little over 1 kg with a lens). The camera is equipped with an Auto Miranda EC 50mm lens with ISO 1:1.4. Shutter speed range from 1 - 1/1000sec. Ten second mechanical selfie mode. Battery PX675 for built-in TTL exposure meter.
In my understanding, the lens worked brilliantly, despite the fact that the usual Fomapan 200 film was installed in the camera, it would be more interesting to see frames from color film, since for me the color can be criticized many times more. It's not the first time we've done worse with Doden's Wedges, this time 30% of the film was out of focus, I hope you get a lower percentage.
I have told all the main points that the owner of this mechanical camera will face. On my rating scale, Miranda EE scores High “+” for external reliability, detachable viewfinder and, of course, image quality.