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Nikomat EL + Vibe Film 100 BW camera test

Nikomat EL
I don’t always trust age cameras with electronics, but I come across fully working copies, such as this one. It is incomprehensible to the mind how at 70 it was possible to shoot in aperture priority mode - this is comparable to the first episodes of Star Wars. Nikomat is powered by one 4SR44 battery (you can find it), which is located inside the “carcass” (to install, you need to remove the lens). A working built-in exposure meter simplifies the task in the settings, but I always check with the application from my phone. What I miss about the viewfinder, by the way it is really big, is the indication (red / green signal indicating whether you are reaching the correct exposure). The shortest shutter speed is 1/1000. The camera has a self timer, which is also completely fixed. The shutter cocking performs not only its direct function, but also on / off. power, so when the shutter is locked the electronics are off.
Let's move on to the lens - this is a wide-angle Nikkor 28mm with a sensitivity of 1: 2.8. Every time I say that I don’t like “widths”, but sometimes something interesting happens. When you have a Vibe 100 film inserted and when it is not a warm season outside the window, then the aperture value of 2.8 is not enough. 50% of the frames on film were underexposed. In general, the film is good, with a minimum of noise.
Nikomat EL is a very worthy camera that you can buy in the BWfilmstore  store
The camera according to my rating scale will take the All star “-“ level. I remember only a few negative points: weight, shutter lock (I don’t like it when the “trigger” is not pressed against the case) and, in fact, the performance is only from a battery. Still, an ordinary mechanical camera is better for me, but someone will choose convenience in the process and will also be right.