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Film: spring novelties

We are always on the lookout for new photographic materials and keep a close eye on what's going on in the film photography market. We have lots of fresh color and black-and-white films in different formats, film as well as all kinds of expired film for every taste. Today we'll tell you what 35mm and 120 type films we have in stock this spring. Some of them we already had on sale but were out of stock for a long time, while others are just arrive.

Let's start with the Chinese "My heart 35 mm Color Print Film". Recently we had a video on Youtube with some footage of this material. It is a 135 type color negative film with a sensitivity of 200 ISO. The film is only available in 35mm format, there is no 120mm format. What is known for certain is that this is not a reinvented film, but most likely some kind of rewinded film, which is, however, widely available. It may be an expired film. C-41 film processing. There are 18 frames in the reel. It is best to expose the film strictly at face value. Results can be quite unexpected.

Another piece of photographic film from the Chinese manufacturer, Shanghai GP3 100 Pan Film. Generally speaking, this photographic material has been known for a long time; it has been in production since the 2000s, and unlike the previous example, it's a newly made film - not a rewind or a reissue of some other photographic material. The Jiancheng Photography factory was closing down, halting production of this product, but has resumed it as of 2019. The film is made in cooperation with the famous German firm ORWO. It is a black and white negative panchromatic photographic film with a light sensitivity of 100. It is developed according to the D-76 process for 36 frames. The manufacturer promises deep blacks and bright whites. The film is suitable for enlargement and scanning. The reels are DX-coded, making it possible to shoot in compact automatic cameras and autofocus DSLRs.

Foma Soft Retropan 320 is also a black and white panchromatic negative film, but for 120 types of film cameras. It is made in the Czech Republic, like all films produced by Foma, known for its democratic prices and good quality. The film has a fine grain and good resolution. In addition, it has a wide range of halftones and soft lights. Soft Retropan film is claimed by the manufacturer to be universal: suitable for still life, architecture, landscapes, etc. This film type 120 has a sensitivity of 320 ISO. It is suitable for contact printing. Developed by the D-76 process.

Kosmo Foto Mono 100 is also produced at the FOMA factory in the Czech Republic, but is made for the European brand Kosmofoto. The film is in 35mm format. This is a 36-frame black and white negative that has a nominal light sensitivity of 100 ISO. It is good for shooting outdoors in sunlight as well as in the studio with artificial light. It is also safe to shoot on cloudy and overcast weather. It is a monochrome film with predominantly gray tones. It has a fine grain. Pull 50 ISO and Push 400 ISO are available. Kosmo Foto films have an original packaging design suitable for a gift.

Bergger Pancro 400 is a panchromatic black and white film with a light sensitivity of 400. 36 frames, developed using the standard D-76 black and white manual process This is a new film: created from scratch, not a reincarnation of past photographic materials. It consists of two emulsions based on silver iodide and silver bromide. Because of the different shape of the halide crystals, this film has a large exposure latitude: from 100 to 1600 ISO. It has an anti-halo layer, fine grain and very high resolution. Produced since 2019 by the French brand Bergger, existing since 1995. In our catalog you will find this film of 135 and 120 types.

Cinestill 800T 35 mm is not new in our store, but pretty rare. If you like movies, this film is for you. Cinestill 800 Tungsten is a Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219 movie film winded on reels. The uniqueness of this material is that with the patented Premoval technology the soot layer is removed from it, allowing this film to be developed with the C-41 process, the most popular in darkrooms. The film is cool because it was originally developed for the warm light of tungsten lamps. Ideal for night scenes, evening city views with lots of artificial light, but also great for studio and flash photography. It has very fine grain. Light sensitivity 800 ISO, 36 frames. It comes in 120 types. We also have the "daylight" version of this Cinestill 50D film for sale.

You can buy all these and other 35mm and 120mm films in our store. We also have a developing and scanning service for your films.