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Olympus AF-1 camera and Lomography 400 film test

Olympus AF-1 camera and Lomography 400 film test.
I'll start right away with the compliments, probably this is one of the most successful couples I shot. AF-1 is the "father" of the Olympus mju-2. Someone says that these cameras are competitors, but they are not. "Myushka" is a global restyling of the AF-1, but as is customary, technologies are added in restyling, the quality of materials is simplified, and here too. The Olympus AF-1 has a simple mechanical frame counter, there are no different shooting modes, but there is a high-quality sturdy body and a top-end, for a compact, 35mm Zuiko f/2.8 lens (4 elements in 4 groups). The minimum focal length is 0.75m. The shutter speed range is from 1/30 to 1/750. ISO sensitivity from 50 to 3200 by DX code. Powered by one CR-P2 battery. By the way, the camera has a self-timer, but I forgot to test it, as well as the “focus lock” mode, which allows you to change the focus point when you hover over an object.
I love cameras in which there is nothing superfluous, you press the shutter button and you get great shots for your vlog.
If you choose from Olympus XA, Mju and AF-1, I would choose just the latter, because it is in the middle of the generations of the brand's lineup, so the price / quality is the most suitable. It is this camera and many others that you can buy in the BWfilmstore store
Briefly about Lomography 400 film. She loves colored backgrounds: yellow, red, green, etc. I really liked how Lomography renders lamp color (yellow lighting) in a dark room or outdoors. Compared to Portra 400, the film is unpretentious, all frames turned out to be even in color.
According to my rating scale, I will put this duet on the All star level. “Soap dishes” with f / 2.8 sensitivity automatically put forward to a high level, it does not matter if it has many shooting modes or if it can produce excellent results in a simple automatic mode.