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What is Red scale film

Red scale . 
A method of creating an image in analog photography by exposing color film from the back side. In classic color negative film, the emulsion layer, which is sensitive to the red spectrum, is exposed last, but in red scale, closer to the lens, it is exposed first. This gives the images their characteristic rich red, orange and yellow hues.
Red scale is produced by the native process of any color negative film - c-41, which will definitely please impatient photographers because they will not have to wait long for the result of the experiment. You can buy such an unusual film in our store, or you can try to make it yourself at home.
When making a red scale film by hand it is worth taking into consideration that when you expose the film from the back its sensitivity drops by 1 level, while the purchased red scale is enough to shoot at face value. You can shoot landscapes as well as portraits or subjects. You will need a good light for more spectacular and contrasting shots.
Don't be afraid to experiment and have great shots!