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Canon Prima Zoom 90u QD

Compact film zoom camera from Canon, focal length 38-90mm, aperture 4.7-10.5. The minimum focus range is 0.6 meters, the focus cannot be controlled. Powered by CR2 batteries.

Film used in the article — Fujifilm C200 and Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400.

The lens is able to give a pretty nice sharpness with a flash at close range (1.5-4 meters), only the corners of the frame are suffering. With an infinity focus, it’s a pretty average image. Zoom wasn't actively used, filmed almost exclusively for 38mm or a bit more. Lovers of 28mm fixes will find this moment as a minus, but for me that's okay.

The machine isn't really good at focusing in the dark. Flash with a high probability will work in the room, but it is better not to turn it off - the camera will probably give long exposures. The range of exposure from 2 to 1/480. In some way the camera allows you to use it as a manual one.

The exposure metering is pretty accurate, but at night you should keep the distance to the shooting object or put a correction to the exposure. The flash is quite strong.

Control is intuitive, one power button, one to select from the set of standard shooting modes (portrait, macro, etc.) and another to select flash modes. All controls are on the top panel, also there is no display backlight. The film is hooked and rolled automatically, with the possibility of manual rewinding. Design and appearance is average.

In total: an amateur camera, light and small, a good fit to carry in your pocket every day "just in case" or shoot in conditions of limited light and space. Like many compact cameras fairly shows itself in a certain range of situations, but suffers outside of the comfort zone. In this case it is a requirement for detailing and to the quality of optics.

If you want to get a really good picture you will need to take into account a number of error margin and put an effort. It will be easier to arm yourself with something more impressive.