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Pleomax 25DLX test& review

Today we are talking about a camera of the very... very beginner's level. Only in this store you can find any camera, any brand from entry level to professional.
So don't be under any illusions that you'll get great shots with a Pleomax. This camera will only do a good job in sunny summer weather. Just remember that. Don't waste film in other conditions.
In my test copy I was pleased with the neat new case and the manual, which I must have been the first to flip through. The lens in the camera has a fixed distance of 26mm and a maximum aperture of F/5.6. The manufacturer claims that the lens is made of glass, not plastic.
I already told you that I don't like wide angle point-and-shoots. The minimum distance to the subject is 1.4m, so you won't get portraits. The viewfinder is medium sized, with no frame or scope. I have found my finger on several frames of the film and it has glowed in the lens, I don't usually indulge in such things, so be careful. The camera body is made of flimsy plastic, I am sure if you drop it on a corner, you can kiss the camera goodbye.
Okay, back to the positive note.
The Pleomax works with two 2AA batteries which you can find everywhere. Nice display showing: battery level, flash modes, number of shots, in this price segment, the same Olympus did not put displays on cameras. Four standard flash modes: auto, forced off, always on, and night. Selfie timer (10 sec).
"Date back" for those who like to display the date on the photo. The biggest plus of this camera is the compactness! I have never had a more compact camera in my hands.
So in general, all the minuses are equal to all the pluses, and the output is the usual "plastic box" shots. With my rating system the Pleomax 25DLX is definitely at the "Easy" level with a "+" sign. Plus for the electronic display, in this segment it is a really nice thing. And remember, inexpensive film cameras need lots and lots of natural light.