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AA Batteries

Most of the competitors of BWFilm store offers different tripods, lenses and camera cases totally forgetting about nimh batteries. Most of the portable cameras from 70s to 10s were using an AA battery or 2. Its dimensions are 1,89” length and 0,57” diameter which is slightly larger in comparison to AAA. Today’s digital devices power supply comes from a rechargeable accumulator mostly. Depending on the manufacturer some analogue cameras is using such power supply means too.
At the digital shelves of BlackWhiteFilm US shop you can find both variants with an emphasis on analogue devices. We are selling 35 mm film ones as well as instant cameras. The latter can print you a photo in seconds after the shutter has opened. Aside from the AA Duracell and Kodak 3000 mah capacity lithium accumulators you can find the following size variants:
  • AAA;
  • CR 2;
  • CR 123;
  • LR44;
  • LR43;
  • 4LR4;
  • CR-P2.
We cover all the possible power supply variants a modern camera needs for much cheaper than most of the competitors. It also should be noted that a couple of AA battery packs are a part of our unique analogue photography beginner’s box. Inside you can find a camera, 35 millimeters films, nimh batteries and a strap.
How to get one yourself
You can get all these goods not only in US but across the globe too! With all the necessary certification in tact our company is able to deliver most of the products without any problem. We advise you to call us beforehand to clarify if your country is eligible for the delivery comparing to US. Get your hobby onto the next level with BWFilm!