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Cine film

Features of the Cine Film Format

Cine film is a term that was actively used in countries such as the USA, Great Britain, it denoted 6.5 mm and super–8 mm and 16 mm film, which was used for home movies. At its core, cinestill — a film that was used to create amateur films.
Features of Film Development
If before that only attempts were made to shoot using large formats, then only with the introduction of 9.5-16 mm it was possible to see professionally shot cinefilm. These films were really practical, helped to create amateur films. They were often used:
  • for home purposes;
  • took with them on vacation;
  • for family meetings.
They helped to shoot any amateur dramas, comedies in color. Currently, cinematography could use this film only if it was necessary to save on the budget.
At its core, it was an expensive hobby for any ordinary person. Such stock films still could only be purchased by rich people, this applies to the 16 mm format, it is considered expensive. If it is a 9.5 mm format, then it can also be used by ordinary cameras, since it was not so expensive, many shots were made using this option.
Scope of Application
The 16 mm format was used for commercial, educational, and industrial purposes. The camera with films was often used for scientific purposes, to record the behavior of animals. They could use laboratories to study fluid dynamics. In any case, it was used for various purposes to shoot photography, until it was replaced by a digital color format.
The images could be converted to modern formats, for example, DVD. However, this product is of interest, because it is one of the first that made it possible to shoot home video, photography regardless of what purposes it was used for. The company offers to purchase this film and use it for its cameras. This is a great opportunity to plunge into a special atmosphere, to feel like a resident of the early 20th century. This is an opportunity to create unforgettable atmospheric photos.