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Alternative process chemistry

Alternate the Photo Developing Process with Us

One of the best changes happened in the society for the past decade is the raising environmental awareness amongst regular people. Obviously, it has taken place in the photography community too. The main result of it is the less aggressive use of standard chemicals and emulsions to develop films. Alternative processing of photographs resurfaced for the good and here to stay!
Products to Embrace Your Artistic Vision
Interesting fact, that method dates much earlier than modern developing techniques. John Herschel made such images using it in 1842. From the 19th century to this date the only thing why it is still niche is the sizable time investment needed compared to chemical processing. But the small amount of time needed to fight the changing climate for our children’s future is very small price to pay.
Here at Black White Film Store we sell alternative processing tools much cheaper than many competitors. The main goal is to help fellow photo enthusiasts to transition from chems which poisons not only the planet but themselves! Here are some of the most popular products for alternate printing processes between eco-friendly customers:
· cyanotype compound;
· cyanotype paper;
· tannic acid toner.
Just mix 2 chemicals from the kit, coat any material with it and be ready to flick the light switch. You can use negatives or even regular objects! Just place them on the board under the sun to make a blueprint. Moreover, this procedure not only non-silver but helps to see more artistic possibilities.
BWFilmStore ship alternative photographic processing products straight from New York City. The shipment is worldwide with ranging prices depending on the region. It is possible to contact us and make a refund if something went wrong during the shipping process.